Cake Queen

Cake Queen 1.0

Cake Queen puts you in charge of a cafe to prepare cakes and serve customers
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Cake Queen is another match 3 game where you are in charge of a cafe and have to deal with several customers who arrive to take their favourite cakes.
The plot behind the game seems quite interesting at first sight: a recently graduated girl, looking for her first job, applies and gets a position as a cafe manager. She will be in charge of serving demanding customers who get there looking for their cakes. What you have to do is simply prepare the cake, according to the customers request, and serve them.

Although the graphics are impressive, colorful and really well-done, the game itself is somehow unappealing and monotonous, as it is too easy to play. When the game is loading, and you see its presentation, you expect at least a fair game play, demanding quick reflexes and action as in other games of this type. Unfortunately, after a few minutes you will be disappointed to notice that levels are not different from each other.

I must say again that the graphics are excellent, everything is very detailed and there are great animations. Actually, for a free game this is a noteworthy aspect. However, what makes a game fun and engaging is its gameplay.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great graphics
  • Free


  • Too easy and repetitive
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